Welcome to The Eclectic Horseman Forum

Welcome to the Eclectic Horseman Community forum! We are still in process of building this up, but with your help it’s our hope this will be a great space for like-minded horse people to connect and share information about horses and horsemanship.

First, be real. Anonymity on forums encourages, well, too many times opinionated blowhard cowards that probably treat their horses poorly. So please use your own name and own what you post.

Do not say anything to or about another person that you would not say to their face. Name-calling gets you blocked. Trying to run a nice place here.

This is a space for civil discourse and sharing of ideas regarding HORSES. We hope we can all have a good time and learn something in the process!

We encourage you to promote yourself and services if you can help someone or their horse, but shameless advertising will be deleted.