Riding Older and Hopefully Better from Texas

Howdy Everyone,

I’ve always been a horse nut and had horses for a couple of years as a kid. Then a couple of years before I retired from the US Navy, I bought a horse and started riding again. I lived in Virginia for 14 years after retiring and took jumping lessons, team penning lessons and dressage lessons with my mare while getting a law degree and working in various computer jobs.

About 12 years ago my wife and I moved to rural Texas and we now have four horses. I’ve started a website called SaddleUpAgain.com and it focuses on “riding older meaning riding your horse better”. For me that journey toward “riding older but better” means building trust and connection as a foundation for everything I do with my horses.

I’ve been to clinics by Buck, Joe Wolter, Peter Campbell, Julie Goodnight, Karen Rohlf, Sally Swift and others and learned from all of them. But everything is filtered through the experience of the 30 years of riding and that realization of the importance of trust, relationship and connection.

Last year I did a video describing my epiphany about establishing trust, relationship and connection with my bucking gelding. Perhaps it may get you thinking if you have time to watch it.

I like Eclectic Horseman because it draws from a variety of trainers and clinicians – all with the goal of riding better.