My introduction - Emily Kitching

Dodger is my new horse. We have been having lots of fun riding and getting to know each other. He is a Tennessee Walker/Paint cross and was turned out for a couple years after being started.


Emily, I’ll be glad to answer queries if any come in that are appropriate for me to respond to. It will be helpful if this Forum software notifies me by EMail when someone has asked; this saves me having to scan all threads every day. Best luck with this, I’ve had my own Forum in the form of an International Classroom for many years, and I do think people have found it helpful. – Dr. Deb

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Great, thanks! I’ll let folks know!

Emily, I kinda, sorta ran into you again a couple of weeks ago auditing a Martin Black virtual clinic in which you and your daughter were participants. First time we talked was at the Legacy of Legends in Fort Worth and then again at the Best Practices Summit in Durango. I hope all is well with you!


Welcome! Sorry to be so late in replying this message slipped past me! Welcome to the group and hope we can all enjoy visiting and sharing our experiences!