Hello from Virginia

My name is Marc Hudson, and in life I have wanted to be two things, a soldier and a cowboy. After spending 22 years in the Army, I retired and at that time I felt I lost my identity. That is when I started to really dig back into better horsemanship, and working toward being a better hand. I was fortunate enough to have a very good friend that was managing a cattle operation here in Virginia, and he allowed me the opportunity to reconnect with my childhood dream of being a cowboy, even if it is only from time to time. That in turn fed my passion for that way of life. This is a picture of myself and my Marsh Tacky at a ranch roping clinic here in Virginia, a few weeks ago.

This photo was taken by Sarah Adkins.


Welcome Marc…Great introduction. Nice lookin’ pony!

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Thank you. I am looking forward to being part of the community. Really like the topics on the forum

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Howdy from Texas! Thanks for your years of service to our country! Best of luck on your new journey…Monica


Thank you for your service! Soldiers and horses go together :slight_smile: always have, always will. God Bless you. Jules


@Mhudson729 Great start, What kind of loop/swing did you use for this head ketch? kenxqed :cowboy_hat_face:

That was just a basic sidearm shot. I have been trying to learn some fancier shots.

Mr. Hudson, Kool, Sidearm west to east is effective and quiet, you can ride along with them to a suitable shot spot, for your heel man , or collect him in a circle, to wrap hocks, he’ll lay down himself , if you’re diligent on tension. option, letting step thru the loop with fronts., there now you’ve caught heels. , for a drag , 'course you know all that info… humble, kenxqed

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Also Korny question, what is your plan for retrieving your rope? Daddy might mention that if the stock is kinda waspy! .My old habit of carrying my Hunt Whip with traditional 90 degree stag handle , saved me lots of time , slip stag under loop to open, slide opening loop clear over tail, as they walk off , dropping loop to ground… Just a useful practice idea. kenx

Welcome Marc, thanks for posting and sharing a photo!