Fear and confidence in me and my horse

I am 70 old and have ridden since I was 12, training so to speak all the horses I have had until resent years. I have shown in National American Painthorse shows and National Dressage shows. And was acceptable. As I have aged I have taken several falls off my horses etc. I have a very lovely Quaterhorse gelding coming six. He was with a young first time owner for 1 1/2 years who he got very pushy with. Too many hand treats etc. I thought no big deal but he is trying the same pushy things with me always in my face and rears a little when he doesn’t want to work. I would call him lazy but he’s not, he just refuses to engage himself with work. I am looking for any info that can help us. He has great ground work and listens to me there once he figures out that I won’t stop asking until he complies. He really is a sweet heart. I don’t want to give up on us!

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The Buck channel has some great videos that walks you through the basics…. Super helpful!!!