Cherry Plain Sanctuary Farm

Hi everyone. My daughter and I run our homestead as a natural horsemanship/organic farming/wilderness program for young women. We are located on the NY/MA/VT border. During the summer we are a host farm for which means we teach young people how to grow organic food and take care of farm animals. We also teach natural horsemanship.

We have trained our rescued damaged horses without saddles, bits or spurs. They ground tie, are free on 20 acres of forest and pasture, wear no shoes and are not fed grains. We hope to model our program after Crystal Peaks Youth Ranch. Glad to meet you all, love Eclectic Horseman. Jules


This is great! Thanks for sharing !! Good lookin’ ponies … : ) Welcome to our forum.

Sounds like a great place.
My question is if you don’t feed them grains, what do you feed them and do you ever deal with a horse with laminitis?

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Hi. We have not dealt with laminitis but do have to watch our QH who tends to become fat easily on hay. We feed a handful of orchard or timothy grass pellets when we can get them or hay stretcher (handful). Just enough to get the minerals into their system. Dumar Gold and Selenium vitamin E mix showing great results in weak frogs. Two of our horses came with not great bare feet. The terrain and minerals are helping alot. Heres our latest soon to be adopted rescue. Mustang QH. Jules

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