3.21.24 Eclectic Classroom - Straightness and Collection with Deb Bennett, Ph.D

Join us for a thorough lecture with illustrative slides and follow up with discussion with Dr. Deb.

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This session will be the last one we do on straightness, (see prior classes) and it segues directly into the next class, which will be on collection (coming in April, date TBD).

Here is the class outline, please submit your questions on this topic for Dr. Deb ahed of the class and read the article which is the jumping off point for our discussions.

Here’s a quote from an article on collection: “By no means should you begin to school a horse for straightness by going in a circle.” I read the same advice in a book on classical Dressage. Your articles seem to suggest that teaching straightness on a straight line might be easier (and deeper), but it is also ok to work on circles at the same time.

My gut feel is that either approach is fine, but I’m stuck on “this vs that”. Can you comment?