2.15.24 Eclectic Classroom: What I Learned About “Turn Loose” From Cancer with Jim Hicks

Join Eclectic Horseman and Horseman’s Gazette contributor Jim Hicks for a discussion on what he learned about the concept of “Turning Loose” through his cancer treatment.

The article Jim wrote for Eclectic Horseman in 2018 will be a jumping off point for the discussion, a link will be in your order notes that will enable you to read the article ahead of the class.

From the article:

"I feel most riders don’t really understand what they are ask- ing from their horse. When we establish a partnership with our horse, we introduce different training tools and have the expec- tation that the horse should give up their independence and just do what is expected of them without objection. Somehow we forgot that the horse is a living, breathing being with thoughts, feelings, and concerns about the situations we put them in. The problem is that we do not fully understand the mental and physical experiences of the horse in these situations.

I thought that I had a good understanding of what it is like for the horse to turn loose to the situation and allow its body to be directed and confined to structures not of their own choosing, but I realized I had no idea."

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