1.25.24 Developing a Riding Plan with Alice Trindle

Please watch the video and/or read the article series for this class ahead of time and submit any questions you have or points you would like clarification on. Please note time code and if I’m able to isolate the video I’ll prepare clips for the class.

i.e. From 3:14-4:30 Alice discusses riding straight on the circle, can you expand on this and show me on the video how I can see that?

I watch the introduction video. I understood it to say there are five different lesson plans over the course of three different days? Is this correct? When I read the purchase? It sounds like it’s a one time purchase for the January date.? Can you clarify please?

Great question Jill, thanks for posting.

We did a three part video series in the Horseman’s Gazette in issues (45, 46 and 47) where Alice breaks down 3 weeks of 5 days of riding as sample plans. My hope with the class (in which you’ll get a link to watch the first week, 5 lessons, a 38 minute video) that the thought process that she puts into developing her plans will help people develop their own; learn the concept put it to work for you.

The segments (and issues) are available for purchase so you can study her specific plan but I believe the class will help you take that info further and apply it to your own horses/program.

Please let me know if that answers your questions or if you need more.

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After watching Alice’s intro video, I would like to know whether we are expected to do the lessons in real time. I don’t have an indoor arena and I live in Montana. My trailer is iced in already. So I’m assuming this series is not for me.

No, it’s not about doing the lessons in real time but more about learning how to develop a lesson plan of your own based off of her examples. Something to think about over the long winter months!