8.15.24 Eclectic Classroom – Engagement and Disengagement for Rebalancing of the hindquarters with Lester Buckley

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When Lester Buckley hears the term “disengage the hindquarters” he understands it is not just an analytical movement but that it is a horsemanship concept. Let’s dive deeper into our own understanding of this concept. Lester will guide us through some sequences of images to help us to understand what we are seeing and what is taking place within the horse and how that might be useful (or not) in our riding. We will then open the class up for questions so that you can clarify any areas that you need more help with.

Please read the roundtable article “Disengaging the Hindquarters” from back issue No.126 as preparation. Link in order confirmation.

The class will be held Thursday August 15th via Zoom starting at 6pm MST. (check your time zone here)

Please plan on the class lasting at least an hour. We will start with a lecture with slides and then open up for questions and answers from the students.

Classes will be recorded and you will have a copy of the class automatically added to your account in The Mercantile where you can watch it again, or if you missed the class watch what you missed!

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